Guest Book for Anthony John Nigro, Jr.

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Posted by: Jack an Betty Donahue
Sun September 19, 2021
Tony was the best neighbor and friend a person could ask for, his kindness and compassion are a rare commodity in today’s world. We will miss you dearly.
Jack and Betty

Posted by: Lindsey houser
Sun September 19, 2021
I'm so sorry to hear this , many hugs to everybody in the family ~ love , lindsey

Posted by: Jack cipriano
Sun September 19, 2021
To my long time friend for many years . From our school days to his marriage and his beautiful family. We always helped each other out. We had many good times together that I will always remember.  It saddens our hearts that you are no longer here with us. Rest in peace my forever friend. May you sore with the angels and watch over your family and friends.Till we meet again.. Love Jack cipriano and family

Posted by: Jack Cipriano
Sun September 19, 2021
Always Here Basket was sent by Jack Cipriano and Family

Our deepest condolences to all the family.. Till we meet again my friend rest in peace Tony.  Jack Cipriano and Family

Posted by: Michael Daley
Mon September 20, 2021
I'm sorry for your loss. Tony was a dear friend to me ,
An many other, He will be sadly missed.
Words cannot describe how I've been feeling.
God bless to you and your daughter and please stay strong.
     That's what Tony would want.

Posted by: Linda Ballaro
Mon September 20, 2021

Loving Embrace was sent by Ballaro Family.



Posted by: Krystin Konow
Mon September 20, 2021
Natalie, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this most difficult time. In deepest sympathy-Krys Konow

Posted by: Todd Dexter
Mon September 20, 2021
Please accept my sincere condolences.

Posted by: Brianna
Mon September 20, 2021
I could never tell all the stories I have of how amazing of a man he was. I send my condolences and the most amount of love I can.

Brianna & The Graham Family

Posted by: Eve Pressley
Mon September 20, 2021

Star Gazing was sent by The Pressley Family.

The memories from childhood until now and the sound of your laugh will remain forever in our heart. Maria, Diana and Natalie, Sending you every ounce of love we have! -Evie, Shayna (and Elijah), and Jeena


Posted by: Christopher Romano
Tue September 21, 2021
I admired Tony tremendously.

He and Diana always welcomed me into their home and made me feel like family.

I told him numerous times that I felt like he was my complete opposite. I am cautious and tentative--often to a fault. Tony approached an obstacle, looked at it, considered it and then took action and solved it--never entertaining a doubt that it could not be done. I never met a more physically powerful man. His personality was equally powerful.

If you made the mistake of opposing him on some issue that he felt strongly about, then you were in for an impassioned argument loaded with logic, reason, statistics, and facts.

I could share many times I observed Tony doing something I thought was extraordinary. To him it wasn't much. I will share two.

One: I asked Tony for help moving a 500 pound gun safe into my basement. My brother-in-law, also on board for this job arrived before Tony. He attempted to move the safe and could not budge it. He proclaimed that we would never move it into my basement without more people. Tony arrived--barefoot no less--looked at the safe and declared, "Yeah, don't worry, Chris, we're getting this safe into your basement."

Two: I watched him take down a MASSIVE tall pine tree, located in close proximity to two houses and a powerline. It must have been 150 feet tall. He had no truck, no crane. He climbed the tree, and with sheer force of will-- and talent, he, limb by limb, took it to the ground. No doubt he appreciated the small crowd that gathered to watch this extraordinary feat.

Tony, you inspired me in many ways and I will never forget you.

Chris Romano


Posted by: Michele VanMameren
Tue September 21, 2021
Maria and Family,
   I am so sorry for your loss. May God help you through this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you.  God Bless!
    Michele VanMameren

Posted by: Linda and Bob MacDonald
Tue September 21, 2021
Dearest Diana and Natalie,  Bob & I are heart broken over the passing of Tony.  We had many good times together, down the pond, birthday parties, and celebrating holidays.  A fun and loving man gone way too soon.  Keep your memories and thoughts of Him in your hearts.  Natalie, your Daddy is looking down at you from Heaven.  He is your guardian angel and will always be watching over you and your Mom.  Our hearts and prayers go out to you.  Rest in Peace, Tony.
    Linda and Bob MacDonald

Posted by: Destiny Maldonado
Wed September 22, 2021
To my good friend Natalie and her family,
I am so sorry to hear about Tony's passing. I am sending all of my love and prayers to you and the rest of your family. He was a great man with such a wonderful life to hold a legacy to. I love you all and please take care.

Posted by: Cora and Jim Rogers
Wed September 22, 2021
Maria  Jim and I were so sorry to hear about you son's death.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and all of his family at this difficult time.

Posted by: Lynne LaFrance
Wed September 22, 2021
I am so sorry to hear of Tony's passing. My heart is breaking for you all. I pray that Grandpa, Dad, Uncle Manny, and Archie are all there to welcome him to heaven and that he will be your guardian angel until you meet again.

Posted by: Douglas McIntyre
Wed September 22, 2021
Maria, so sorry for your loss. My condolences to the family.

Posted by: Jason Figueroa
Thu September 23, 2021
I wish Tony peace in the afterlife, and my family my deepest condolences.  I look forward to seeing my Connecticut family soon so we may be together to grieve and share our memories of Tony.  I will always remember Tony fondly, and as memories come flooding back, my tears of grief are beginning to turn toward tears of joy and peace.  Tony, I will miss you...  Jason