Guest Book for Kenneth Paul Martin

Provided by Gagne-Piechowski Funeral Home

Posted by: Kurt Tetreault
Fri May 21, 2021
Words cannot describe the loss that we've experienced in Kenny's passing. What I would like to describe though is my love and gratitude towards Kenny for being such a major cornerstone of my life. I definitely wouldn't be the person I am today without his wisdom and guidance.
Every time I had some difficulty on my car with a rusted bolt or generally anything that was stuck on too tight, I would ask Kenny for help. I used to joke with him that he had the arms of Thor, a true iron man. One way or another the stuck part would get unstuck. He always used to say "You can't break broke."
I'd also like to express my sympathy for the two people who have been hit the hardest by Kenny's passing: my mother Karen and aunt Cindy. I'm sorry it had to be this way.