Guest Book for Cecelia Helen (Greczkowski) Denomme

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Posted by: Brenda Greczkowski Adler
Wed June 05, 2019
My condolences to cousins Cynthia and family and Marie.  Aunt Sally was a wonderful woman with a BIG heart!  May she rest in peace with Uncle Romeo and the rest of her family in Heaven.

Posted by: Carol
Wed June 05, 2019
I am so sorry for your loss. I hope all your beautiful memories help to comfort you during this difficult time. Carol

Posted by: Mary st Marie
Wed June 05, 2019
I’m so sorry for your loss. In the days ahead may you find comfort in the memories you have made throughout your time together. She is a big part of who you are today and you carry her spirit inside you.

Posted by: Jody Rys Armstrong
Thu June 06, 2019
Lifting Marie & Cynthia + family up in prayers of comfort during these sad days.  Rest In Peace Aunt Sally.  Give my Mom a hug from me!

Posted by: Maryam Lempke
Fri June 07, 2019
Dear Grandma,

Tomorrow is your birthday and I don't know what I could possibly do to honor you. You passed away five days before turning 90. I can't talk to you in person, so I thought maybe I could write something from the heart.

I often put off writing for fear that I will not live up to my own expectations. If I were to write, expecting something great to come from inside of me, but then fall short, I would realize that my deepest fears are true and that there is really nothing good about me. I think fear stops us from doing a lot of things. I love to write, but I fear it. It has been said that love is the opposite of fear. Love and fear cannot each be present at the same time as the other. All emotions stem from either love or fear. With this understanding I see how fear has stopped me from loving. It has stopped me from loving myself, loving others, and from living life. I don't allow my true nature to manifest, fearing it will be rejected by others. I don't extend love to others for similar fears. I don't do things that would bring me joy for fear of not being good enough or simply making a fool of myself.

Letting go of fear and extending oneself requires courage, and courage requires vulnerability. We cover ourselves with an armor of fear. It is safer that way. Brené Brown says that vulnerability is the risk that is required in order to experience connection, and that it is also "the birthplace of creativity, innovation, and change." When we remain closed off in fear, we are unable to experience the fullness of the life we were created to have. Now that you have passed beyond this temporal existence, I know that you have expanded beyond all fear and know only its opposite. Why is it that we only begin to fully appreciate the preciousness of a life after it is gone? It is ironic that it takes death to teach us how to live.

Now the ones left behind are faced with the pain of wondering "did I love enough?" How could we let fear stop us from loving in the deepest way, from our truest selves? Now we are faced with the pain of the realization that the self that we gave to you was wearing the mask of fear. I know this is human nature, and we did give love in many moments and in small gestures amidst the chaotic moments of daily life. But, now I sit and wonder how it may have been different if I had let go of all the things that really never mattered. If I had let go of the fear, there would have been more room for love. Emerson said "the love that you withhold is the pain that you carry." This is what I am faced with now. When I close my eyes and picture you, I want to go to you with all of that love, yet I can't and it tears at me on the inside.

You are teaching me again, how to love and how to live. Now I look in the mirror and the judgment falls away. I see parts of you in me and I embrace them with love. You, me, all people. We are all connected. I can see you in my children. When they cry, I see you, a little girl, and I comfort you. When I help someone who is sick and hurting, I am helping you. God is in us all and we are all His children. I understand what Mother Theresa meant when she said "I see God in every human being. When I wash the leper's wounds, I feel I am nursing the Lord himself." It takes letting go of the armor of fear that the false self has created, because this armor also obscures our hearts from seeing clearly.  

Thank you for helping me to understand this. I feel deeply that your wish is that we can see for ourselves how amazing each of us is, here and now, in this life. I have asked you in my heart what I can possibly do to honor you, and the message that I hear back is "honor yourself," so, I write.

I love you, Grandma (Cecelia, "Sally"). Until we are joined in Eternity.
               Your adoring granddaughter, Maryam

Posted by: Cindy
Sat June 08, 2019
We've been together a long time; my whole life up until five days ago. The hard part isn't that you left us for a time because I know you no longer suffer the sorrows and misfortunes of this world and are totally healed. The hard part is how much I'm going to miss you until we are together once again.

Now you are returned to Dad and your heavenly home. God bless you, Mom, and give you the peace you deserve. You are the queen of my heart and shall remain so forever more. I pray that there are angels ever present to bring us news of your joy and God wrap us all forever in His endless mercy.